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    Debunking Common Misconceptions Among Renters

    By Fred Delgado | February 13, 2024

    “RENTING MAKES MORE SENSE BECAUSE I MAY MOVE IN 5 YEARS.” While it’s understandable to prioritize flexibility in the short term, buying can actually offer significant advantages over a relatively brief period. According to financial experts like, buying becomes a better investment for those planning to stay for at least five years. Online tools... Read More

    A $900 Million Movie Studio Coming to Buckeye Arizona.

    By Fred Delgado | November 8, 2023

    Have you heard the buzz? A massive movie production studio is making its way to the West Valley, and it’s set to transform the local landscape. Nestled right off the West Valley, at the intersection of 355th and 339th Avenue, just north of the I-10 and Indian School Road in Buckeye, you’ll find the impressive... Read More

    An Exciting New Phase for West Valley: Upcoming Rental Units Spotlighting Young Families

    By Fred Delgado | October 12, 2023

    A beacon of vibrant communities and scenic landscapes, the Valley is experiencing a discernible short supply of homes that impacts residents, investors, and builders alike. With a staggering need for about 270,000 properties to meet the soaring demand, diverse strategies are unfolding to alleviate this housing crisis. The Escalating Demand The exigency for homes in... Read More

    Phoenix ADU Approval: Backyard Casitas & New Housing Opportunities

    By Fred Delgado | October 11, 2023 Have you ever dreamt of a cozy casita in your backyard? If you’re in Phoenix, that dream might just be a reality soon! The Phoenix City Council has recently given a resounding nod to homeowners wishing to add accessory dwelling units (ADUs) – or as many affectionately call them, casitas – to their properties.... Read More

    The Phoenix Metro Valley Real Estate Update

    By Fred Delgado | October 9, 2023

    If you’ve been keenly following the real estate trends in the Phoenix Metro Valley, you know that it’s a market that seldom remains stagnant. This year has been particularly intriguing. In the sun-soaked months of July and August, the housing market witnessed a downward trajectory in property prices. Such a dip was unexpected for many,... Read More

    6 Things About Camelback Mountain Most Don’t Know!

    By Fred Delgado | October 5, 2023

    Phoenix, Arizona boasts many natural wonders, but among its most iconic landmarks is Camelback Mountain. Named for its uncanny resemblance to a kneeling camel, this mountain is not only a sight to behold but also holds many secrets waiting to be uncovered. Let’s dive into six lesser-known facts about Camelback Mountain. 1. Highest Peak in... Read More

    In Mesa, Old-School Neon Signs are Cool Again

    By Fred Delgado | September 18, 2023

    Downtown Mesa is rejuvenating its historic charm, urging business owners to rekindle the neon glow of yesteryears. With generous city grants, these iconic neon signs that once adorned U.S. 60’s Main Street are making a vibrant comeback. Historically, these neon signs beckoned travelers with promises of rest and refreshment. As Mesa’s downtown core expands, local... Read More

    Ready to Take Control of Your Life?

    By Fred Delgado | August 10, 2023

    Unlock the Power of Homeownership! Are you tired of the walls that you can’t paint? The garden you can’t plant? Or the sense of impermanence that comes with every rental lease you sign? If you nodded in agreement to any of these questions, then it’s time to explore the transformative power of homeownership. Why Renting... Read More

    3 Truths No One Ever Tells You About Buying a Home

    By Fred Delgado | July 28, 2023

    Are you considering buying your first home? While the prospect of homeownership is exciting, there are some essential truths that often get overlooked amid the enthusiasm. Here are three crucial aspects of buying a home that are rarely discussed but can significantly impact your experience: The Hidden Costs That Add Up: When budgeting for your... Read More

    First-Time Home Buyers’ Guide: Navigating the Path to Your Dream Home

    By Fred Delgado | July 27, 2023

    Congratulations on considering the significant step of buying your first house! This milestone is both exciting and overwhelming, but fear not – as an experienced realtor, I’m here to provide you with valuable advice to guide you through this journey. Let’s delve into essential insights that will empower you to make informed decisions as a... Read More