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8 DIY Projects That’ll Make Your Home Much Harder to Sell

When you buy a home, you might be tempted to make some DIY home improvement projects as seen on social media to make it look unique and more functional. But have you ever thought about how such DIY customizations could affect your home selling process in the future? Different home buyers have different tastes and preferences. 

When you customize your home with too many trendy DIY projects, you risk getting fewer bid offers when you finally decide to sell. The situation can also be made worse if the DIY projects are done wrongly or you fail to finish them the right way in situations where you fall short of budget.

In this guide, we shall outline 8 common DIY projects that will make your home much harder to sell in the future.

  1. Repurposing the closet or removing it completely

Many homeowners are repurposing their closets or removing them completely to create additional space for other stuff or home activities. While this is a trendy DIY project, it might end up reducing the storage space in your home which is a very big factor that potential homebuyers check before placing their offer. If you must repurpose your closet, consider keeping the door safe and in good condition and replace it when you finally decide it’s time to sell your home.

  • Floor painting

Floor painting is a short-term solution to your fading or outdated floor. In many instances, the paint you applied on your home floor will have faded by the time you are making a home selling decision. Too much customization when it comes to selecting paint color and painting pattern designs can also discourage many prospective homebuyers. Painting the floor is never a good DIY home improvement idea and it should be the last thing you should think about especially if you have a highly-trafficked floor. 

  • Removing your kitchen cabinet doors

Recently, we have seen many DIY project tips suggesting that it looks trendy when you remove older kitchen cabinet doors. Although it can look fulfilling for a homeowner in the short term, it can become a bigger impediment during the future home sale as many homebuyers would go for a home whose kitchen cabinet is fully furnished and that includes having functional cabinet doors.

  • Replacing kitchen cabinets with open shelves

There is a high number of homeowners who are replacing their entire kitchen cabinets with open shelves. While this is another trendy DIY home improvement project, it will have a negative impact when it comes to home selling due to storage issues. If you must replace it, consider having a mix of both open shelves and wall cabinets as this will provide the much-needed storage space for many prospective homebuyers.

  • Painting your wall with dark colors

Painting your home walls with dark colors is a trending DIY project but it’s a big turn-off when it comes to selling your home. Different potential homebuyers will have different tastes when it comes to their preferred wall color choice. Also, it’s very difficult to repaint a wall with dark colors. If you want to sell your home fast and at the right value in the future, consider painting your wall in light neutral colors that future buyers will find pleasing and easy to customize.

  • Use of stick-on tiles

Another trendy DIY home improvement project is the application of stick-on tiles. While they might appear attractive on social media photos, they might turn out to be a disappointment in real-life applications. Many homeowners who have installed them have complained of bubbling and rolling corners as most stick-on tiles have poor adhesives. Instead of using DIY stick-on tiles, consider hiring an expert to do a tile backsplash and you will enjoy a good return on investment and higher home value when you decide to sell your home in the future.

  • Use of wallpaper

The wallpaper concept is another trendy DIY project that many homeowners are currently embracing. Although it might look stunning when you see photos online, putting the wallpaper correctly and selecting the right pattern is a highly sophisticated skill that can’t just be implemented by a novice homeowner. One mistake can ruin your DIY project and make your home appear unattractive. 

Also, every prospective homebuyer has a unique taste when it comes to choosing the type and pattern of the wallpaper. Therefore, personalizing your home with the use of wallpapers might derail your home selling process as not everyone will be attracted to your design and color choice.

  • Distressed cabinets style

A distressed look is trendy in furniture used in properties like a farmhouse but it might not be very cool and appealing when applied to permanent built-in fixtures like cabinets in a modern house. It amounts to too much personalization and this will definitely have a negative impact on your home resale value. Cabinets with a glazed finish are a good idea that you can opt for instead of going for the distressed look.

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