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An Exciting New Phase for West Valley: Upcoming Rental Units Spotlighting Young Families

A beacon of vibrant communities and scenic landscapes, the Valley is experiencing a discernible short supply of homes that impacts residents, investors, and builders alike. With a staggering need for about 270,000 properties to meet the soaring demand, diverse strategies are unfolding to alleviate this housing crisis.

The Escalating Demand

The exigency for homes in the Valley is not a whisper but a clamor that reverberates through the real estate market. In an attempt to bridge the gap between the supply and demand, builders are constructing homes, yet high rates significantly influence the typologies of residences built. The phenomenon is further complicated by a rise in the build-to-rent properties, condos, and townhomes.

Build-to-Rent Properties and Apartment Complexes

The advent of the build-to-rent trend comes as no surprise in the current climate. An expected delivery of over 1000 such properties in the ensuing months is a testament to its burgeoning popularity. Additionally, the Valley is anticipating the inauguration of over 10,000 apartment complexes. This influx places remarkable pressure on investors and home renters due to the imminent surge of rental properties in the market.

Rental Properties: A Double-Edged Sword?

Renting may seem to be a viable option, especially given the upcoming plethora of properties. However, one must tread carefully in this domain. From a financial perspective, renters face a metaphorical 100% interest rate since there is no capital recoupment or credit. That said, renting should not be disregarded as a legitimate choice. If aligning with personal and financial circumstances, it might be the most judicious decision.

Purchasing a Home: A 7% Caveat

While it may seem counterintuitive amidst soaring prices, purchasing a home, even at a 7% interest rate, may offer long-term security and financial stability that renting does not. For homebuyers, a steady interest rate and the prospect of owning an asset are pivotal points to ponder upon. If you’re positioned to afford it, buying might indeed be the prudent choice.

Guidance for the Home Buyers and Renters

  • For Buyers: If you are in a financial position to purchase a home, consider doing so. A 7% interest rate might be your only expense, and the tangible asset you hold will likely appreciate over time.
  • For Renters: If purchasing a home is not within your means or does not align with your lifestyle, renting remains a credible alternative. In light of the forthcoming surge in rental properties, potential renters may find themselves amidst a spectrum of choices.


In an era where housing demand surpasses supply, understanding the Valley’s real estate landscape becomes imperative. Whether you find yourself veering towards buying, renting, or investing, an informed decision, cognizant of both the current scenario and future projections, is crucial.

Note: Real estate decisions are significantly impacted by multiple factors, and thus, one must consult with a professional before making any final choices. This blog offers a general perspective and may not consider all the particularities of your situation.

Navigating through the ins and outs of the Valley’s housing situation requires a balanced perspective and a thorough understanding of the intricacies involved in buying, renting, and investing. Always make sure to tailor any general advice to your specific situation and consult a professional where needed.

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