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How Does A Real Estate Agent Help Sellers?

How Does A Real Estate Agent Help Sellers?

Are you planning to sell your home? Working with a real estate agent is the best strategy that you can use to sell your home fast and for the best value. A real estate agent performs different roles and sellers will work with an agent who is transparent and reliable. If you are wondering how important a real estate agent is to a home seller, the following are the different roles that a realtor helps a home seller to ensure a smooth home selling process.

Property appraisal and listing price

A real estate agent helps home sellers come up with realistic pricing for their home. They help you understand your home appraisal and use the market information on comparable sales to help you settle on the most competitive pricing. Pricing a home is largely considered an art and a real estate agent is the best party that can help you settle on a value that not only makes your home attractive but also ensures that you get value for money.

Online valuation models are not accurate and they can give you misleading figures. However, when you hire a real estate agent, they will assess your home condition and come up with the most accurate value since there are fewer assumptions. They also represent your interests during your home appraisal and inspection process to ensure that the buyer’s agent doesn’t take advantage and lower your home value based on minor issues that can be rectified. 

Preparing your home for sale

There are a lot of things that need to be put in place for you to get your home ready for market. A real estate agent understands the core aspects of your home that add value to your home and they will be able to advise accordingly. 

They understand what prospective buyers look for in a house and they will provide you with a list of improvements that you need to make to ensure your property fits the target market and sells at the best possible price. A listing agent also has a wide network of reliable local contractors who can handle all your improvements in a fast but professional manner that adds value to your home.

When it comes to home staging, a real estate agent will come in handy and they will offer professional advice on how it’s done and the best home staging experts that you can work with in your area. Home staging is very vital as it brings out your house in its perfect state. You will also be linked to professional real estate photographers who will entice potential buyers with visually appealing photos and videos of your home to bring out the best features your home has to offer.

Marketing prowess 

A real estate agent provides a home seller with the best marketing links. They have access to MLS and other online marketing platforms where they will upload your listing to reach a wider target market. They also have their own private listings and together with other traditional marketing strategies like holding open houses and flyers, you are assured of high traffic and many offers from interested buyers. A real estate agent invests in proper marketing strategies to ensure that your home sells as fast as possible.

Evaluating Buyers

The home selling process can be complex and time-consuming and the last thing you would wish is to waste your time with unqualified buyers. Your real estate agent understands how to evaluate offers and filter out buyers who are not well prepared and can’t be trusted to complete the buying process. They will help you offer feedback to those buyers with a guaranteed source of financing. Through the agent’s advice and guidance, you will avoid working with buyers who are not pre-qualified for mortgage financing. 

Since a real estate agent will only earn a commission once they successfully manage to close your home, they act with your best interest at heart. Your home will not only sell at the highest value but your real estate agent will also ensure that you enjoy the home selling process.

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