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Planning to Move to Arizona?

Here are the 5 Things to Know Before Moving to Arizona

Are you considering moving to Arizona?  It’s one of the fastest-growing states in the USA. The state of Arizona has gained popularity due to its beautiful mountains, desert landscapes, and low cost of living. In this guide, we shall update you with 5 important things that you should know before relocating to Arizona.

  • Arizona Job market

With a population of 7.17 Million (according to the latest census), Arizona is the 6th biggest state in the US. Tourism and hospitality, mining, and tech sectors have attracted people of different cultures and backgrounds making Arizona’s job market stable and with a promising future. The growing tech industry has attracted major industry tech giants like Apple and Uber to set up their office base in Arizona. Arizona State University and the University of Arizona are also major employers.

  • The Weather in Arizona

Arizona’s desert landscape is characterized by dry and sunny climatic conditions for the better part of the year. If you love to live in warm areas, Arizona is definitely a great choice. You will experience mild winter which is faced off by warm spring and fall seasons. If you are an outdoor person, these are the best times to spend your time outdoors hiking or interacting with nature.

In the summer season, the heat becomes intense and temperatures can rise to 120 degrees. During such seasons, you will need to spend most of your time in swimming pools or a house with air conditioners. In the months of June until September, you may experience monsoon winds which bring with them wet and humid air that helps cool down the temperatures.

  • Attractive outdoor activities

If you are an outdoor enthusiast, moving to Arizona can be the decision you can make. Arizona is home to the famous Grand Canyon desert which attracts over 5 million tourists every year. Arizona provides a diverse outdoor life with a myriad of activities that one can do including; mountain climbing, hiking, rock climbing, biking, camping, boating, and many others. There are hundreds of parks and nature reserves that one can visit to refresh and interact with nature.

  • Arizona cities

Arizona boasts of some of the great cities in the US that hundreds of people move to, work, and live in.  Whether you are looking for new job opportunities, outdoor recreation facilities, or a city with a low cost of living, Arizona State got you covered. Some of the major cities include;

  • Phoenix

Phoenix offers a taste of urban living amenities. It’s known for its diverse culture, road network, and easier access to other popular destinations like California and Mexico, desert gardens, resorts, and a host of golf championships.

  • Scottsdale

Scottsdale boasts of prominent resorts, art galleries, museums, parks, and nightlife. If you love entertainment and outdoor recreational activities, Scottsdale is a great city to relocate to.

  • Tempe

Tempe is a perfect city for those seeking education as it’s the home to Arizona State University. It also hosts various art festivals throughout the year and you can never have a dull moment in Tempe.

  • Tucson

Tucson is a vibrant city with a myriad of artistic and cultural backdrops that blends seamlessly with the desert sceneries. If you love spending time outdoors, you can do mountain biking, hiking, nature walks, or spend some time visiting heritage shrines and museums. Also, there are plenty of employment opportunities in Tucson city.

  • Pro baseball flock Arizona for spring training

If you are a sports lover, Arizona is a great place to move in. During the Cactus League spring training, most of the professional baseball come to Arizona and locals get a unique opportunity to see them. 

Arizona is home to teams that participate in all the professional sports leagues such as the Arizona Cardinals that play in NFL, Arizona Diamondbacks in MLB, Phoenix Suns in NBA, and Arizona Coyotes that play in NHL. If you love playing golf, Phoenix has over 200 golf courses that you can try.

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