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We Connect You with the Perfect Selling Option That Matches Your Needs

At Fred Delgado Real Estate Group, we have established a strong relationship with companies that provide multiple options to give clients a wide choice when selling, buying, or moving out. Just drop us your email and we will link you up with the best alternative option that aligns with your needs.

Are you planning to sell your home? Let’s explore multiple selling options

  1. Listing with a real estate agent

Hiring a Real Estate agent at The Fred Delgado Real Estate Group can help you sell your home at the highest possible value. By listing on an open market, you are able to create room for competition and sell your home to the highest bidder

You can also take advantage of the agent matching service where the algorithm links you to the perfect agent as per your needs.

Real estate agents have a deep understanding of the local real estate market. Agents explore all the possible selling options to generate a customized marketing and pricing model that is in line with the current local market conditions.

  • Sell by yourself (For sale by owner)

If you don’t want to list your property, our partners will provide you with multiple competitive cash offers. The good thing about this strategy is the fact that the selling process is managed entirely online. You choose your preferred closing date to avoid floating multiple mortgages and clashing moves. 

You are guaranteed an instant cash offer

You get the freedom of choosing the closing date

No stress of home staging and showing

  • Home equity financing

Quick cash financing for a share fraction in your home’s value

You can get cash financing to clear your debts, mortgage balance, or carry out home renovations. No pre-payment costs if you change your mind along the way.

Once the agreement comes to an end, you will be given first priority to either sell, refinance, or even buy out your home.

  • Buy first then sell later

This option gives you the preference of completing the buying process of your new house first before you can begin to sell your current home.

We help you bid with a competitive offer that attracts no contingent on the sale of your current home.

Live serenely in your new house as you renovate your old home to get it ready for sale

Get your old home ready for sale by the time you are putting it on the market to generate maximum returns by selling it at the highest value.

  • Sell first, move later

Enjoy the flexibility of completing a home sale and take your time before you can finally move out.  You get enough time to plan your next move.

Take advantage of your home equity that is not subject to credit card restrictions to clear your bills or pay for your next home down payment

Customized financial solutions that meet your current needs

Realize your home’s full value while renting there and have the option of buying it back or moving out to a new home

  • Sell your home as is

We connect you to our partners who are ready to buy your home in “as-is” condition.  You don’t have to worry about its current condition or pending financial obligations. We help you sell your house fast and it’s a great alternative for homeowners whose homes are damaged, facing foreclosures, or undergoing a divorce.

Fast home closing and cash offer to actualize your next move.

No worry about making renovations as investors buy your home as is.

Eliminate the cost of undertaking expensive renovations and improvements before you can put your home on the market.

Are you ready to sell your home? Click here to download our free seller’s e-book guide. What will I learn?

Our e-book will provide you with a proven approach to successful listing, marketing, and selling. At Fred Delgado Real Estate Group, we make your home selling process a smooth and worthwhile experience.

Get in touch today and schedule your next free consultation with our team of experienced real estate agents.

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