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What Phoenix buyers really want in 2021

As we adjust to the post-Covid world, many people are ready to move forward with real estate goals that they might have put on hold during the last year. 

Sellers are ready to take advantage of a hot market, as Phoenix home prices have gone up more than 27 percent during the past year according to Zillow. Moreover, buyers are ready to upgrade, after a year spent in a home that did not completely meet their needs. What homebuyers want in Phoenix in 2021 has a lot to do with our post-Covid world and how our daily activities have changed as a result. If you are looking to sell, take note as you get your home ready to put that “For Sale” sign up. If you are a buyer, you can keep in mind that these amenities are in demand.

New meaning for extra bedrooms, as a home office

While in the past buyers may have had in mind an extra bedroom for guests, in 2021, that extra bedroom is likely going to do double duty as a home office. In a recent survey from the real estate experts at HomeLight, nearly 60 percent of top agents said that a home office is a top selling feature that buyers want. That’s because the days of working from home are continuing for many people, and a hybrid work week with a couple of dedicated days at home is becoming the norm. The home office could be a room in a house where the office is the primary function with a daybed or futon that can also serve as a couch, giving it a secondary use as a bedroom. Other home offices might look like nooks in a living or dining room, with the key being that it’s a dedicated work space with some option for privacy.  

Better backyards

It probably comes as no surprise to hear that nearly 50 percent of agents in the HomeLight survey said that an outdoor living space is a must on buyers’ wishlists in the post-Covid world. After months of shelter in place, people want to be sure that they have outdoor access readily available. If a backyard has a dedicated cooking area that might include space for a full range, refrigerator, or even a bar, that’s another consideration when thinking about how to attract buyers for your home

Let’s hit the gym, at home

Another feature that is gaining popularity is the home gym. Before Covid-19, HomeLight’s agents reported that about 17 percent of buyers were longing for a home gym in their next abode, and now, that figure is up to 26 percent. Even with local gyms open, some people have gotten used to their home workouts. Like the office, a hybrid space that incorporates a gym with another function, like a guest room, may be best as homebuyer preferences may shift as we move further past Covid-19. 

While it used to be that a top school district was one of the hottest ways to appeal to homeowners, in the post-Covid world, there are a lot of other factors to consider to encourage buyers to take a closer look.

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